Richard Nash

Shamelessly describing myself as a ‘football purist’, I like to see an intelligence to the game from both players and managers. I enjoy the evolution of football and am interested, although fairly clueless, about what will be the next major tactical trends. I firmly believe the freedom and diversity of football allows a better representation of a player’s, manager’s, club or country’s culture and philosophy than any other sport in the world.

My football following is limited to the Premier League, Champions League and Internationals, but thanks to years of research via the Football Manager series I have developed a computer-generated knowledge of many other leagues and teams. While I support Man Utd, I am big enough to acknowledge the plucky, skilled opponents that come up short against us and the overrated, arrogant cheats that con us out of 3 points. Other teams I casually follow are Stevenage Borough (watched regularly as a non-league team), Fiorentina (Rui Costa and Batistuta on Channel 4′s Football Italia) and Athletic Bilbao (only sign Basque players – a testing career in Football Manager).

My articles have been published on various websites including and

If anybody wishes to use any articles, tables or graphs from my blog, please email me ( or send me a message on Twitter.

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